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Daddy's Girl Hexagon Necklace

  • $52.00
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He slipped his hand inside his coat pocket for the 1738th time that night. He wanted to double-check that the small, heart-shaped box was still sitting safely inside his pocket. 

He was excited and a little nervous - he wasn't used to feeling nervous. He was an alpha male, always in control of everything and everyone. 

He had met her almost a year ago but kept her at arm's length for a long time. He wasn't ready to dive in all the way and commit to anything. 

But day by day, little by little, she had somehow, built a tiny home inside his  heart. He found himself wanting to spend more and more time with her. When they were apart, he thought about her constantly. He was in love with her. He didn't want admit it to himself or anyone else. He kept it locked inside for a few weeks. 

But a voice inside kept nagging at him - tell her! Pour out your heart, dude!  Take a chance and love her openly. Completely. 

He refused but he was miserable. It made their conversations hard and made him want to spit it out but he wasn't ready. 

Finally, he had enough of his own ridiculous behavior and demanded he stop acting so afraid. He decided to listen to that voice and profess his love to her. 

He wanted to give her a gift so she would see he didn't just want to give her pretty words. He wanted to show her he meant it and wanted her in his life, long term.

He went online to find the perfect gift to give her. He was going to ask her to be his girl, his slave, his everything. He had to find the right thing to show her exactly how he felt. 

He searched for a few days but nothing inspired him like he was hoping it would. And then during his last search, he was on Google and typed in "Daddy's girl jewelry" and a beautiful rose gold, hexagon shaped, necklace popped up onto the screen. It was so perfect for her! It had 'Daddy's girl' engraved on the front, and it had 6 sides. 

-6 is for harmony

-6 is for growth

-6 is for caring, healing, protecting and teaching others

"Yes! this is the one!" he thought. He knew she was going to love it!

Seeing her enter the restaurant brought his thoughts back to the present and he stood up to greet her as she walked towards him. He reached into his pocket again and he pulled the heart out right before she got to the table. He kissed her softly and they sat down. 

Yes, he had chosen perfectly. The necklace and especially the girl. He glanced at her throat and couldn't wait to see 'Daddy's girl' staring back at him. 


Necklace Details

• Sterling silver (AG-925) pendant and chain with a coating
• Nickel-free pendant, chain, and coating
• Pendant size: 0.68'' x 0.79'' (17.3 x 20 mm)
• Pendant thickness: 0.02'' (0.5 mm)
• Pendant is connected to the chain with open jump ring
• Spring ring clasp closure

Size guide

Pendant length (inches) ¾
Pendant width (inches) ¾
Chain length (inches) 18

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