The clearest, most effective guide to coming out about your kinks, period.


There are people who've come out successfully to their partners, their families, the world. It's doable. You don't have to suffer in shame or hide awesome parts of yourself anymore. This guide will help you.

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The Story Of Jasmine & The Kink Guide

Jasmine felt trapped. She'd somehow ended up in a bad relationship. It was with a man named Noah who wanted her to dominate him. It'd be no big deal except for one thing...

...deep-down, Jaz knew she was a natural-born submissive.

Every interaction felt heavy, draining. He'd ask to be locked in a cage, she'd begrudgingly stop her painting and take care of him.

When she was done with the chore, she'd go watch slave-degradation porn in secret to get off.

Something needed to change, desperately.

So Jaz looked. She googled. She read forums. Asked for ideas. None of the advice really helped her.

They'd say "communicate", as if that would magically give her the right words. They'd say only come out to some people, as if tip-toeing around secrets was her ultimate goal.

What was she supposed to do?

Things looked bleak.


Until she found RyzeKink.

Their mission was to #SlayShame and they claim to offer the freshest, most practical take on how to share her true self with the world.

Jaz was wary though. She didn't want clutter in her inbox. She didn't want to end up on yet another email list. And honestly, she couldn't take yet another disappointment as she read advice that didn't live up to the hype.

She almost clicked away to go play Alto's Odyssey instead.

But they had a big headline that said...

"How To Come Out As Kinky: A Clear, Effective Guide - DOWNLOAD FREE NOW, NO EMAIL NEEDED."

So she did.

And her life leveled up, big time.

She applied the sensible, practical tips in the guide, and managed to part amicably with Noah.

Three months later she found her Daddy-Dom and got to experience all the spankings, chokings, and maid-service fantasies she hungered for.

Three months after that, she'd spread the amazing tricks to all her friends, and they were feeling fulfilled too.

She'd become the goto kink-advisor in her circles, all from the knowledge she gained from Ryze Kink.

Act now, and you can do the same.

But will you?


No email to enter. No hoops to jump through. Just a beautiful, helpful guide to make your sex life better. 'Cause we care.


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