"It's the best."

That's a common Carmichael-ism that most #believenation fans are familiar with, and it's a uniquely positive response to the challenges the life can bring. And our "It's The Best" shirt is just one in our unique collection featuring Evan's quotes & concepts.

Evan Carmichael
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Hard Work Beats Talent.

Talent's nothing without hard work. In fact, if Jane is talented, but doesn't work she'll lose to talentless-Sarah, who's working hard every day. Don't let people think talent alone wins. There are plenty of talented people going nowhere. Hard work beats talent, eventually.

Transform pain into purpose.

Your purpose comes from your pain! Use whatever dark times or painful past you had, and use it to help others who are currently struggling. Let people know you crush challenges, and transform pain into purpose!

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P.S. Did you know Evan & I co-founded a business accelerator together, called SOAR?

"Since working w/ J-Ryze I feel as though I’ve accomplished more in 2 months than I have in 5 years! Sold a business, started an empire, setup major collabs, int'l speaking gigs... 99.8% of the time the right thing to do is have conversation with Jay." - Michael Lamothe, Stock-Market Guru