About Us

Once there was a talented man named J-Ryze. He was especially good at art and design. Even though he created masterpieces with a flick of the wrist, it wasn't really his passion. His passion was elevating people’s beliefs. Whether that was their businesses, bodies, relationships or their whole lives. 


Anyway, one day a friend of J’s asked for a ‘feminine rebel’ shirt, so J looked around the net to see what was out there. But he was unhappy with what he found. He believed he and his friends deserved the best designs possible. He believed he could do better than what he found, so he decided to open an online store, mainly for friends. When it began, he just wanted to make designs that uplifted  people. He wanted each shirt to have more meaning, a compelling message. He’s big on soaring beliefs,but he didn’t have a specific topic in mind beyond that. He sold a bunch of shirts to his friends but he was busy with his business accelerator, and didn't have time to pour love into the store at that point.

It sat there, untouched.

Then, one day in November 2018, J met Cyn. Cyn fell hard for his designs, his talent, and his beliefs. She was an artist and had an eye for art and design. She saw clearly that J's designs were epic and that people would love them. His designs made her so happy. So she gently asked if he’d design her one. J created  a beautiful design and Cyn fell harder. The shirt itself was so soft and cozy and fit her perfectly. The design was sexy, unique, and totally Cyn's style. As an artist, she appreciated the originality and the amount of love and time that J put into his designs. 

 Cyn knew it couldn’t stop there. She realized the huge potential J’s apparel-shop had. So she went to him and said...

"Hey, I have ideas for shirts and I think you're super talented. I'd love to help you get the word out about your awesome designs, make some cool shirts, and help raise people's style with our clothes."

J’s reply?


 Heh, he's a man of few words at times.

So Cyn purchased ryzegear.com and made shirts from J’s templates, handling reviews, product launches, and else that needed to be done. J took care of the designs, guided the brand, and handled technical stuff or any help that Cyn needed. Plus they both wrote descriptions for various products. Together, they got some decent momentum on Ryze Gear.

But there was change on the horizon.

Ryze started with positive designs for entrepreneurs. But as Cyn got more involved, she couldn't deny her heart. The beliefs she really wanted to impact, were beliefs about sex & sexiness. She knew that people are hurting themselves and crippling their chances at a great life by denying themselves pleasure. 

J agreed, and told her if she wanted to change the brand, then go ahead and follow her heart. 

So she stopped denying her true desires, in both her personal life and in her business. And together, J and Cyn started to rebrand Ryze Gear, changing the name to Ryze Kink and focusing on ryzing beliefs through kink and the law of attraction. 

A new clothing line, with a new mission.

Pleasure and sexiness are vital for you to achieve the life of your dreams.

Pleasure attracts more pleasure. Bold expression is valuable. People are meant to show off, meant to shine.

The more you put out there the more you get. And the more pleasure you feel, the more you get. Period.

J and Cyn want everyone to be happy and have the chance to live their greatest lives and that doesn’t happen without embracing sexy times.

We know you can do it.

We believe in you.