Soaring Beliefs

Alina sat in the sunny cafe, sipping her latte and enjoying her day. Decked out in her standard jeans and tee, she happily sped through her to-do list.

She wanted to stay positive today, but she felt uneasy for some reason.

The truth was, Alina was playing small. Her empire was chugging along, doing ok, but she wasn't being as loud and proud as she could with it. She wasn't really making the waves she knew she was meant to.

The cafe door-chime jingled, shaking her out of her reverie. She glanced up to see Jordan walk in with his entourage. Immediately all eyes in the place were on him.

Alina wondered how he did it. Dude had good vibes sure, but it's not like he was a rockstar.

Jordan was the famous CEO of Tourn, a mobile app company that made setting up tournaments for any game or sport effortless. Decent accomplishment, but why did he get so much cred?

Well, he did have an air of confidence about him. His head was held high, and his open posture showed off his rather appealing physique.

And on that physique he was wearing an "affirmation shirt" that boldly proclaimed what he was all about. It had impactful, powerful words cleanly emblazoned on it.

Things like "Leader", "Rebel", and "Baller."

Alina decided to ask him about it, so she walked over.

"Excuse me, Jordan?" she ventured.
"Yes?" Jordan, said, turning her way.
"My name's Alina, and I couldn't help noticing your unique shirt."
"Oh this? Yeah, it's so awesome. I get tons of compliments on it."
"I can imagine, did you make it yourself?"
"Nah, but I believe our 'next-to-skin' environment is a powerful reminder to our subconscious of who we are. And I believe that broadcasting a message without even speaking is high-leverage. So, I hunt around for a shirt that'd do both of those things, in a positive way."
"Think positive, be positive, right?"
"Exactly! And--"

Right then, a mob of fans came over and swept Jordan's entire crew out of the cafe. (Were *they* wearing the same brand too, Alina wondered.)

She returned to her table, thinking deeply about the power of fashion to change lives. She knew one step towards playing a bigger game, was what Jordan said. Alina had to broadcast what she stands for. She wished she'd asked Jordan where he got his clothes so she could buy something similar.

Could investing in a simple t-shirt set her on a new path? Could it inspire people to love her more? Could it inspire herself to do the same?

Some questions can only be answered by experience.

Alina knew she had to experience her own positive attitude apparel.


Now, this is just a story, but hopefully it sparks something in you, and gets you thinking about how much potential & love can be infused into a piece of cloth.

'Cause that's the entire concept behind Ryze Gear's "Soaring Expressions" collection.

Each shirt is full of positive vibes. It's clothing that continually reminds you to think positive. It's hard to be sad, angry, or depressed when you're wearing a shirt that says the opposite, you know?

Hopefully you picture yourself wearing something truly uplifting, but with style. Something brilliant but badass. Something that suits you more. And hopefully you're ready to check out the life-affirming t-shirts designed by me for leaders like you :)

Much love,