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Pink Spanked Bottom Ladies T-Shirt

  • $37.00
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Chrissy had recently met a new Dom, David, online and they had hit it off right away. They had a bunch of dinner dates, lots of long talks, cuddles and they started playing a few times together. When she was comfortable and confident that he could dominate her safely, she was finally able to start letting go and was enjoying their play time more every time.

The ping on her laptop pulled her attention and she saw that David had sent her an email. It was an e-vite to a play party in two weeks. He was going to run a spanking demonstration and wondered if she would be interested in being spanked in public? 

The idea intrigued her. She had never been spanked in front of anyone before and she felt tingles all over; it was her body telling her that it was something she definitely wanted.

She hit reply and typed...”Yes Master. I would love to play with You at the event. Thank You for asking me. i’m looking forward to being Your model.” and she quickly hit send before she could change her mind.

Shortly after he sent her another email but this time it was about how he expected her to dress, behave and respond to his questions and commands in public. Since they hadn't played together in public before she was glad he thought about sending her his expectations so there wouldn't be any surprises. 

He expected her to:

-Say yes Master, No Master at all times.

-Say thank You, Master after every spank or slap she received from him and make sure to be loud enough for him to hear her. It would be a public space with a lot of people so she will need to speak loudly.

-to wear a short, loose, skirt with a g-string underneath; any color that she wished. 

-to wear flat shoes no heels. Boots with a flat heel were a good idea but again her choice. 

-if you don't have a cute submissive shirt to wear then go online and find one. order it and have it overnighted.

-to wear a full face of makeup and make sure to look sexy, and confident.

He said if she agreed to those ground rules then he would send over a contract with more details for her to sign and then she could go start shopping since she only had less than two weeks for the event! Chrissy agreed to everything and signed the contract that he sent to her later that day.

After dinner with Master, Chrissy went home and got into bed. She had spent some time scrolling through Instagram on her phone looking for some cute submissive clothes when she came across @RyzeKink and was fascinated by their clothes.

They were kinky and cute! Their pink heart butt logo was so adorable! Ryze Kink was unique, kinky, sweet, cute and sexy! Their designs were different, better than what she had seen up until this point. She clicked on the link to their website in the bio and was delighted to see a whole site full of beautiful, kinky shirts for her to choose from. 

She had already picked out a black twirly skirt on another site and she needed something to go with it. As she was scrolling, a photo of a t-shirt with a heart shaped bottom with a red handprint on it caught her eye.

The shirt was called 'Spanked Bottom' and she fell in love. She knew that was the shirt for her! It would look so cute with her black skirt. It was so appropriate for the event! She was going to be getting her bottom spanked and she already knew Master would not be gentle as it was a demonstration and she couldn’t wait.

She quickly sent David the links to the skirt and the adorable shirt and he promptly paid for it and had it shipped overnight.

Chrissy's packages arrived on the same day and she quickly ripped them open. She pulled out the shirt first and was so excited to see that it was even more beautiful in person than it was online. The red handprint really popped off of the black shirt and she quickly tried it on. It fit perfectly, was super soft, cozy and totally her style!

She tried on the skirt and the black boots she was planning to wear that night and took a mirror selfie to send to David. He immediately responded with a heart and a devil emoji. 

He liked it! She was so happy that she found the perfect shirt that would indeed match her spanked bottom. She couldn't wait for the event and she wondered if her bottom would end up as red as the handprint on her new shirt...

T-Shirt Details
• Pre-shrunk 100% ring-spun cotton
• 30 singles thread weight
• Classic contoured silhouette with side seams
• Single-needle stitched seamed collar
• Double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem

Size guide

Length (inches) 24 ½ 25 26 27 28 29 ½
Width (inches) 15 ½ 17 18 20 22 23

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