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Littles babygirl Scoop Neck T-Shirt

  • $37.00
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One day Cristina was scrolling through Instagram and found a profile full of the most intelligent captions and beautiful photos she'd ever seen. It belonged to David Banner. His page was full of wisdom and life-changing advice. He covered a wide range of topics from 'believing in yourself' to 'sex.' Cristina read every single post, and when done, felt compelled to reach out to him.

So, biting her lip with nervousness, she sent him a message and...

...he replied!

They exchanged messages for a few weeks, and  Cristina realized David was kind, smart, funny, giving, sexy and extremely loving.

Honestly, he was totally different than anyone she'd ever known. He was the smartest man that Cristina had ever met. Period. Genius-level smart. He read a lot and could be called 'enlightened.'

He was also very sexual, and discussed sexual situations freely. It might've been due to his high self-awareness, confidence, and belief in himself.

Whatever the case, he spent time teaching Cristina about honesty, belief, focus, clarity, love, intimacy, and more.

She knew what these things were, but she didn't truly *understand* them until David guided her deeper on each. He made her understand each one in eye-openingly new ways.

One of the most important ones was honesty.

For example, she'd always swore she'd be honest with David. But he pointed out that if she was lying to herself, then she'd end up lying to him-- and that wasn't going to work. So, it took time and patience, but David taught 
Cristina  how to be honest with herself first. That way she could believe in others and be honest with everyone else too.

On the heels of this new-found honesty, Cristina realized she'd been hiding her sexuality from herself and others.

Sure, she knew she was into BDSM. And yes, she knew she enjoyed all things kinky and fetish-y. But she was hiding an essential part of her nature.

She was hiding her submissive 'Little' side.

David was clearly a natural Dominant, but to Cristina, he was also naturally a Daddy. He took control and knew exactly what she needed before she did. He definitely brought out the 'Little' in her.

So, she admitted to her Daddy what she liked and she felt so free when she was with him. Finally, she could admit to being a 'Little' to David... but something was still nagging at her. She'd learned so much about being herself and being honest. But was she really being honest with everyone?

Truth was,  Cristina was still hiding herself from her family and the few friends she had.

She wanted a way to tell them who she was deep down inside without writing it down and sending everyone a group email about her being a 'Little' and finding her Daddy. She thought about what could she do to tell people in her life without saying a word?

That night she was on Instagram scrolling through the DDlg hashtag and she found the perfect answer to her 'issue'.

It was a beautiful cotton-candy pink tee with the word "Little" written across it in fuchsia girly-writing. It had a cute lil face with cute lil cheeks that reminded her of herself.

She jumped up and squealed with happiness.

She sent her Daddy the link immediately and asked him so nicely if she could buy the shirt. He sent a prompt 'Yes' in reply, so she ordered the shirt right away.

When  Cristina's new shirt arrived she wanted to rip the package open but she knew better. She called her Daddy and let him know it had arrived and she would wait for him to open it. He gave her the OK to open it by herself, on the condition that she sent him a selfie wearing it.  Cristina agreed and ripped the package open.

She happily lifted the shirt to inspect the design and fit. She then pulled off the shirt she'd been wearing and slipped on her new "Little" shirt.

It fit perfectly! It was so comfy and soft.

She quickly took a selfie and sent it to her Daddy.

He replied with lots of hearts and happy faces the way that his babygirl loved. She was giggling with happiness.

The next day she had planned a lunch with some of her cousins and friends. She put on her new t-shirt, a short black skirt, and matching pink lipstick, then left the house to meet her girls.

On the way to the restaurant she was stopped by a cutie in shorts and pig tails who was clearly older than she was dressed. She gushed over Cristina's new t-shirt.

"OMG where did you get that shirt? I loovvveeee it! i need one!"

Cristina giggled and gave her the web address, saying "Better get one now 'cause they'll prolly sell out soon. Lots of Littles will love it too."

The girl giggled affirmation back at Cristina and rushed away.

Cristina reached the restaurant and went inside. The hostess was a pretty young girl dressed in a white blouse and black slacks. As soon as she saw Cristina she said "OMG-- your t-shirt!" Then she covered her mouth with both hands and looked around quickly to make sure no one heard her exclamation.

Cristina smiled and nodded, remembering what it was like to be hiding who she was inside. So she grabbed a pen off of the table and a napkin, wrote down the name of the website, and handed it to the hostess... all before she'd even mentioned why she was in the restaurant.

When the quick exchange was done, the hostess walked Cristina to her table and squeezed her elbow in thanks as she walked away, leaving Cristina to stand in front of her cousins and friends, who were all staring at her and her new t-shirt.

No one said a word. Crickets.

They all stared at her shirt. Some nodded, one smiled knowingly, the rest just stared.

Cristina sat down and they began to talk amongst themselves. No one said a word directly to Cristina about her shirt, but they all understood. Even if they were silently judging, she didn't care.

She was no longer hiding.

She had met two babygirls on her way to the table and she was 95% sure one of her cousins was also a babygirl because she was still grinning at her knowingly. Cristina smiled back at her and blew her a babygirl kiss. Her cousin giggled and winked at her.

Cristina felt so free and happy to be wearing her truth across her chest without fear, shame or a care in the world. She was finally able to be honest with herself and the world.

And you can too.

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