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Latina AF Women's Scoop Neck

  • $37.00
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Hi, I'm Cyn, and I'm Latina. Colombian to be exact. Technically Colombian-American since I was born in Florida. And I'm quite proud to be American. But America's culture is hard to pin down, 'cause it's been built by people from all over, each bringing their own culture. We, the states, haven't really embraced a single culture. Well, unless you count Pop Culture?

Anyway, as a Latina here in America, I tend to gravitate towards other Latinos. Mi gente. Don't get me wrong, I've got lots of friends from different countries (and a lot of gringo friends too, lol.)

But I happen to enjoy speaking my second language with others who speak it too. It doesn't mean I think we're better than anyone! It only means I am proud to be different in a world of the same. Most Latinos would agree with me. As a Colombiana I'm most proud that I come from Inca ancestors.  

Check this out:

"The Incas lacked the use of wheeled vehicles. They lacked animals to ride and draft animals that could pull wagons and plows... lacked the knowledge of iron and steel... Above all, they lacked a system of writing. Despite these supposed handicaps, the Incas were still able to construct one of the greatest imperial states in human history."
— Gordon McEwan, The Incas: New Perspectives

Who wouldn't be proud to come from that?

If you're here, you're likely latina, or you know one, according to the stats.

There are 23 Spanish speaking countries. Not including the USA, which has a 53% latin population.

There are a lot of us, and we love our countries, and we love our cultures. We as a collective have some intense pride in who we are, the language we speak, and where we come from.

Spanish-speakers have different dialects, accents, slang, and curse words. But something we all have in common is epic Latino pride.

And until now, I couldn't find a shirt that was fire enough to represent it. Oh sure, there's lots of 'latina' shirts out there, "Latina and proud", "Latina Pride", "Latinas Rule", etc.

But it felt like so little effort was put into them. There was no care in the designs. Each letter wasn't hand-crafted. They didn't use vibrant colors to represent our vibrant culture. Or a font-with-flare to represent our passion.

From Colombianas to Mexicanas, we wanted a shirt that repped hard, but felt soft.

So, show-off your Latina pride with this lightweight t-shirt. Tell the world who you are, the language you speak, and where you come from... all without saying a word!

Show everyone that you're proud to be 'Latina AF' <3


T-Shirt Details

• Pre-shrunk 100% ring-spun cotton
• 30 singles thread weight
• Classic contoured silhouette with side seams
• Single-needle stitched seamed collar
• Double-needle stitched sleeves and bottom hem

Size guide

Length (inches) 24 ½ 25 26 27 28 29 ½
Width (inches) 15 ½ 17 18 20 22 23

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