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Once upon a time a beautiful girl named Cyn met a talented designer named J-Ryze.


J was happy with his life the way it was, helping heroes Ryze up. He had a small online store with a few t-shirts he’d made for some friends, but not many people knew about them or his design talents. 


One day, Cyn saw these designs and realized the huge potential J’s apparel-shop had. So she went to him and said...


"Hey, I have some ideas for shirts and I think you're super talented. I'd love to help you get the word out about your awesome designs, make some cool shirts and help elevate people's style with our clothes."


J’s reply?




Heh, he's a man of few words at times.


So Cyn purchased a domain, and made shirts from J’s templates, and everything else that needed to be done. J took care of the designs, guided the brand, and handled technical stuff or any help that Cyn needed. Plus they both wrote descriptions for various products. Together, they both poured tons of love into Ryze Gear.


Their garments were supplied by a small print-on-demand company that made a sexy v-neck tee, called TeeLaunch. Cyn ordered herself a sweatshirt from them and fell in love. She knew that she was on the right track! The design, fabric-quality, and fit were all good. 


But one day J said "People love repping their star-signs , and bodysuits are in right now, I wonder if people would like a Libra bodysuit?"


Cyn loved the idea, but TeeLaunch didn't offer bodysuits. 


The two of them were super bummed. So they decided to explore other suppliers. They found a company called Printful, that made sexy bodysuits in both short- and long-sleeve styles.


Excited, Cyn was about to make the switch, but before she could, she realized she had a major problem. Printful didn't make v-necks in the beautiful shade of black she was so fond of.


Cyn sighed. She’d have to find an alternative, switch over the 20+ products they already had, and only then could she start offering bodysuits to customers. Cyn researched and researched. She looked for which t-shirt would be the best fit, color, and style for her customers, and made sure each design would print well on them. She settled on a slightly sheer scoop-neck that’d show off cleavage beautifully. She ordered her shirt and fell deeper in love!


The new t-shirts would be exactly what J's amazing designs needed to really pop! 


So, Cyn took the time to change every single product over to Printful’s system. It sounds tedious, but was actually pretty fun. Cyn finds joy in most things she does. 


Printful were amazing and offered many perks and different products for printing on.  Finally, J was free to go online and see what Zodiac sign bodysuits were available online already.


He searched high and low online for some epic designs, but found none. So he made his own.


12 of the most stunning, beautiful Zodiac symbols & typography. And since bodysuits were trending, he placed those designs on to the sexy bodysuits from Printful. 


With the new bodysuits ready, Cyn chose to order her own Libra  bodysuit as a sample. She was thrilled when it arrived. This was exactly what Ryze Gear needed. Sexy bodysuits with gorgeous, bright designs. 


It seemed like a match made in heaven. Beautiful designs on beautiful clothes that customers seemed to really love. Every product that was ordered got rave reviews! J and Cyn were very happy. They really wanted to bring people joy and elevate their style with Ryze Gear, and they were doing it!


A few months in, they got an email from their supplier....


To: cynshine

Re: "Out of size small idea when we'll get more...we're so sorry...."


What? Printful was discontinuing their most popular sizes? What were they to do?


Well they could only do one thing and that was to remove size small bodysuits from their website. They weren't pleased, and it wasn't ideal, but for the moment it would have to do.


Still, they sold more bodysuits in different sizes but that empty ‘size small’ in the listings was grating.


Then even more bad news came.


"We're discontinuing the bodysuits in all sizes. Apologies."


Seriously? Now, what were they to do? 


J and Cyn loved those bodysuits. Cyn wore hers often and was heartbroken when she read the news. J wondered if they should switch to another supplier... again? 


So they researched even more. After a lot of looking, it became clear that yes, they were going to have to switch suppliers, for the second time that year.


It wasn't a decision they made lightly. They took their customers preferences seriously and it would be a lot of work to switch, as they had almost 70 products now.


But, the right thing to do was whatever was best for their customers, not for their convenience.


If they were lazy they could’ve just quit offering bodysuits. 


But that's not Ryze Gear philosophy. They had clear goals of making better clothes and ryzing people's style. Bodysuits could be dropped! They were going to have to find another supplier that would print bodysuits.


However, they searched for days. They contacted other suppliers and asked if they would be willing to offer bodysuits or if they had considered offering them. But much to their disappointment, there were no reliable suppliers offering bodysuits. Printful was the only supplier and they were determined to discontinue them. 


J and Cyn made a difficult decision. They agreed they would sell off the remaining bodysuits from Printful and then remove the unsold designs from their website or change them to t-shirts. 


So even though they had to make the choice that wasn’t their preference...J, Cyn, and all of the rest of the world, lived happily ever after. 



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  • Woo! Great storytelling :) I hope the bodysuits come back one day :)

    J-Ryze on

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