The Pattern That Most Leaders Struggle With In Business

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Balance and harmony are vital to your business. Are you balanced?

Ashley Collins, from the Breakup Diaries on YouTube, interviews J-Ryze. The entire interview is over an hour and I know they could have kept talking for hours. J-Ryze brings the fire when he gives interviews and honestly he brings it in every single conversation we've ever had. 

I'm so blessed to be one of the few that get a ton of his wisdom on the daily. I'm also so grateful to be the one to bring you his insight through this series. 

I broke the video down into separate videos so that you can take in all of the incredible value that J gives and process it before moving on to the next part of the interview.

Real leaders are a rare breed...

Ashley asks J...

"What is the repetitive pattern of problems you see with leaders?"

J-Ryze talks about the leaders he interacts with and says that each leader he works with has their own issues. 

A successful thought leader, like Evan Carmichael, doesn't need help with starting a project or making money or building an audience. J says that that's not where he would need help as a leader. But when they first met, they talked about branding, color scheme, focus, gestures, rituals, and collaborations. 

No two leaders are the same...

Just like no two people are the same with their likes or dislikes, the same is true for their issues.

All leaders are going to have different issues to fix in their business.

While one might have a great brand and have a polished website, they may be struggling to make money or need help to build an audience. 

J-Ryze has been so amazing with teaching me how to make money and how to build an audience. He really knows how to do this and has taught me well. 

The overall pattern...

J says that the overall pattern for most people is, balance. Being out of balance or out of harmony, and being over-focused on one strength while others are being neglected seems to be the most common pattern in leaders. 

This is my favorite part of this video. I strive for balance and harmony with every aspect of my life. This really resonated with me!

Are you focused on what you're bad at? Are you doubling down on your strengths? Or are you ignoring the things you know can be better in your business?

Are your social pages amazing but you have no sales? 

Is your website fire but your branding sucks? 

There has to be a balance of greatness in all areas of your business for you to be successful. Turning a blind eye to things that need to be improved is not going to help you succeed. Admitting the problems, facing them head-on and fixing them is the only way you're going to become an amazing leader and have a great business.

Your turn...

What does balance mean to you? What's your version? Have you admitted the problems your business has and are ready to face them and change them?

Please share with us in the comments.  

Check out the second video of our series with Ashley interviewing J-Ryze!

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  • J, it’s my pleasure. I am so happy to get them out there to the world and help spread Your wisdom. Thank You for inspiring me and so many others…


    cyn on
  • I’m really grateful to you and Ash for getting these out there :)

    J-Ryze on

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