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I'm done. I can't stand it anymore.I'm officially taking a stand against ugly clothes!

I ride public transport at least once a week and sometimes more than 4 times a week, and I'm an observant person. That's my polite way of saying I'm nosy AF, lol! I'm always looking at other people's clothing. And I'll admit, I used to judge them. Now, I do my best not to judge anyone. It helps that I've discovered why so many people dress terribly and wear ugly clothes. They're not doing it consciously. Mostly they're uneducated. I'm not even talking about actual style. I mean that they're uneducated about why they're dressing the way they are. Uneducated to the deeper reason. Or maybe unaware is a better word.

Most people take clothes for granted, only using them to cover their bodieswithout thinking about why. I've done it. Most do it all our lives. When we're born, one of the biggest deals for a new mom is, what is the baby going to wear home from the hospital.

Then we're put in tons of cute, thought-out outfits until we reach a certain age and then we take over our own style. So few keep putting thought into what they cover themselves with and it gets worse as we age. And as we age we tend to wear uglier and frumpier clothing. Not always but it's a trend I've seen repeatedly on the train. Ugh. That's a whole other blog post though. (I just inspired myself to write about ugly clothes aging! There are not enough Iris Apfels or Baddie Winkles out there...but I digress). I use my time on the subway for two things. I either read and listen to music or I listen to music and research fashion. I live in one of the most fashionable cities in the world so why are so many of the people that live here wearing ugly clothes?

The thing is, 'ugly' is subjective. What I mean by 'ugly' is, baggy, old sweats, pajama pants, messy buns, or messy hair (and not that cute, it took me an hour for my hair to look this messy look) and slippers or slides as shoes. Really, people? Why oh why is it acceptable for some people to leave their house like that?

This morning my daughter came into my room while I was getting ready to get in the shower and she said the dog needed to be walked. I said then you best go walk her. She said, why don't you?

I said..."I don't go outside looking like this, you know better"

I have standards. Messy hair, no makeup and pajamas are NOT the statement I'm trying to make and I refuse to leave my house like that.

Because I love you. And I love myself. And because...


I think dressing and looking nice is a public service.

Plus, I would much rather be admired than not. I get a lot of admiring looks, compliments and smiles when I get dressed. AND it makes me feel good. And as I've said in past blog posts, it's how you feel that counts!

Which brings us to the deeper reason.The real reason people are dressing in ugly clothes and not caring about their appearance is --are you ready? can I get a drumroll?-- because they have low self-esteem and low self-confidence. They don't believe in themselves.


How do I know?

Because I was like that too. Check out this blog post where I discuss being a being a FASHION LIAR.

I wore horrible clothing because of my beliefs about myself. I hated myself and didn't care about what I wore. And it showed with the ugly clothes I chose to wear.

It takes the same amount of time to put on dirty sweats as it does to put on clean, nice, quality clothes. And it will make you feel better about yourself. I promise it will. 

Think about the last time you got dressed up to go somewhere nice. Didn't you feel amazing about yourself after taking the time to choose your outfit, shower, do your makeup, your hair and take time picking the right accessories to go with your outfit?

What about the shoes?

Didn't taking the time to do all of that make you feel so good when you were done, dressed and ready to go?

I know it did. That's how I feel everyday. I love myself and I love how taking that time for me, makes me feel.

I get dressed for me. Not a man, not strangers (though it's nice when they acknowledge my beauty) not for my kids or anyone else...it's all for me. Because I love how I feel. Even as I sit here typing this...I'm dressed nice, my makeup and hair are done. I could easily sit and write in sweats or pjs and no one would know, but why would I? That just lowers my self esteem. But taking the time this morning (and every morning) to get done up, sit in my room and work, makes me happy.

That happiness spreads to my writing, my IG posts, my kids and the rest of my life. And that is exactly what I want and why I keep doing it every day.

You can do it too. You can start today. Take a stand with me and say 'No more ugly clothes'!!!! Go take a shower, get dressed and put on a sexy bodysuit or cool af t-shirtwith a cute skirt, some jeans or whatever you feel great in and you will see how quickly your mood will elevate. Your self esteem will ryze up and the rest of your life can quickly follow!

Are you unsure how to wear or style a bodysuit? Check out our beautifully written bodysuit primer.

Do you want to invest in yourself or your business? Want to learn more about changing your appearance? Or maybe that's not enough and you want to change your entire life? We can help! We know you can do it. We believe in you! 


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