House of Ryze — Painful Beginnings

J-Ryze's Origin Story

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J-Ryze's Origin Story

Painful beginnings...

Ashley Collins, from the Breakup Diaries on YouTube, interviews J-Ryze. The entire interview is over an hour and I know they could have kept talking for hours. J-Ryze brings the fire when he gives interviews and honestly he brings it in every single conversation we've ever had. 

I'm so blessed to be one of the few that get a ton of his wisdom on the daily. I'm also so grateful to be the one to bring you his insight through this series. 

I broke the video down into separate videos so that you can take in all of the incredible value that J gives and process it before moving on to the next part of the interview.

J-Ryze is a creative soul.

He was a child genius that comes from a family of geniuses. He's an incredible artist but back in the day he wasn't very humble about it. He was quite judgmental towards 'simple' forms of art. In time he realized that simplicity is actually much harder than most people know. 

He admits to how wrong he was as a teenager and a young adult. He put his art out into the world and he failed each time. It was devastating for someone who genuinely thinks they're better than the celebrities that are putting out successful art. 

But life put him in his place.

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