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Live Like Latex

Posted by Cynthia Moreno on

Live Like Latex

Latex is a very interesting material. It's one of my personal favorites. I love the shine, the feel, the sound and the look of it. I love to see it on someone or just sitting there folded up, it just looks sooooo sexy. 

Latex is bold and unique. How many people do you see on a daily wearing some latex pants or a sexy latex dress? I bet it's not many!  

The fabric has been fetishized by many people but some celebrities boldly wear it often. 

I love those celebs. 

Kim K, Demi Rose and Katy Perry... are fans of the sexy material!

So while this post was inspired by latex, it's not really about the actual material.

It's about being your best and being bold in your business, your fashion and your every day life. How many opportunities did you miss in your life because you were afraid? What excuses have you made for sitting at home and doing nothing but chilling with Netflix until you're a pile on the couch who hasn't moved for hours?

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