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It's Not About the Shoes

Posted by Cynthia Moreno on

It's Not About the Shoes

"It's Not About The Shoes, It's What You Do In Them"
~Michael Jordan

Shoes are important to a lot of athletes. My son is a dancer and I know how important his shoes are. We have to go to a special store and make sure that they are sized properly and he can do certain moves while wearing the shoes. He can't get on stage and find out his shoes are too loose, big or small. His shoes have to be as close to perfection as possible. And I happily pay whatever it costs so that he has those amazing shoes. 

So what happens if you have those fabulous shoes but you just put them in your closet and don't use them? 

Will anyone see them? Was it worth it to spend the money on those awesome shoes? 

Why did you buy them just to keep them locked away?

I used to do it too. 

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