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How To Change Your Appearance

Posted by Cynthia Moreno on

How To Change Your Appearance

I hated myself. For a long time. I hated my face, my body and even my glorious boobs lol.

Seriously though, it was not a fun time in my life. You can read about me being a Fashion Liar here.
I dressed poorly and told myself some horrific things. Things I would never utter to another human being but I was perfectly at peace to say them to myself. I was super hard on myself. I'm still hard on myself but I've learned to love myself too. Before I would say that mean stuff but never apologize to myself for it. I don't say such harsh things to myself now and if by chance if something does slip in, I apologize to myself right away.  

The title of this blog post assumes that you're unhappy with your appearance. I hate making assumptions so why would I assume that you're unhappy with how you look?

Because I googled "Depressed about my looks" to see what would pop up, hoping it wasn't much. But unfortunately or fortunately? I found a ton of crappy advice.

Most of the advice that I found was to accept the way you look, stop wearing makeup, stop looking at fashion magazines, etc etc etc. 

It was multiple articles of crap. It was so bad and pissed me off so much that I decided to write this post.

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