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"You can change the version of you that you are today, like changing a t-shirt, it's that easy. Choose the version of yourself that you want to be and go be that. Now. Today." ~Cyn

I wrote that in my manifesto.

I spent two days hand-writing pages and pages of my thoughts on being true to who you are inside. 

Why did I spend so long doing that? Because I was trying to find a way to explain to you, my dear reader, why we've decided to change Ryze Gear's focus. 

Our mission statement is changing from “Better designs. Better gear. Better you.” to "To help beliefs ryze through kink, style and law of attraction"

When J-Ryze started the store, he just wanted to make designs that elevated people. He’s big on soaring beliefs. He didn’t have a specific topic in mind beyond that.

But now that I’m involved, I can’t deny my heart. To me, the beliefs I really want to elevate are beliefs about sex & sexiness. I know people are hurting themselves and crippling their chances at a great life, by denying themselves pleasure.

Feeling good in our bodies, celebrating our skin, and showing off are essential parts of life.

I’m eager to encourage the world to express their kinky side. I want people to realize that pleasure and sexiness aren’t just fun, they’re vital. They’re keys to manifesting the lives we want.

But like many of us, I wasn’t even aware of my deepest desires. For example, I wrote this t-shirt description… and after reading it, J asked me a question. One story, and one question, revealed something I wasn’t admitting to myself. Together they were the catalyst to set this whole thing in motion.


What did he ask me?

"Cyn, it seems like you really want to change RyzeGear to be kink-focused, but are making excuses to avoid it... is this correct?"

He knew the answer before he asked, as he usually does.

The answer was yes.

I felt it right away. But I hemmed and hawed. I had to ‘think’ about it. But there was no denying the truth. So we had a meeting about it. We discussed particulars and I promised to take care of it all myself. And then we hung up.

And then I freaked out. 

WHAT THE FUCK? I'm going to do a sex-focused re-brand all on my own? Without asking for help? Seriously Cyn, what are you thinking? 

I wasn't, and that was the point.

I was finally feeling.

I soothed myself by saying "everything will be ok" and "you can do it", every time I started to get flustered or worried.

Then I meditated on it. 

Two days I spent in total, meditating and writing, to make sure that I was doing what my higher self wanted, what the universe wanted. But then I remembered the universe is my co-creator and gives me whatever I want. And I wanted this. It felt right.

It's what I wanted for years.

For example, before knowing J, I’d made things for my own kink-related shops but I stopped because I was always too scared. I was too afraid of others’ judgement. I was scared to be me and be honest with the world. It’s taken me awhile to get here but I know I don't want to hide myself anymore. J taught me to be myself, do what I love, and whatever feels right... so that's what I'm doing.


yes daddy t shirt

Which makes this article not just a 'why we’re re-branding' post, but it's also “Cyn’s coming out” post.

You may feel the need to judge me.

You may feel the need to laugh at me.

You may feel the need to unsubscribe.

And that's ok. It won't stop me from doing what feels best for me. For you. For Ryze.

I used to be a liar.

I was a fashion liar and a regular liar too lol! I lied to myself about so many things. That made me lie to others about what I wanted and liked. I spent 15 years in a dominant role, running the entire show, with a man who didn’t really ‘get’ me. It was nice to get my way, but I was unhappy. I had no goals except to ‘help people’, and had no clue how to do it. 

I was in a shitty relationship with a man who didn't know my true needs and desires. He had no clue what I was, deep-down. I was, I am...submissive. 

I spent so many years pretending to be an ‘alpha female’ that I convinced myself that I enjoyed being in the dominant role. But when I broke down my beliefs about myself in other areas, I realized that…

...I was not dominant, I was desperately wishing to be submissive.

For all the years I spent pretending, I spent them angry. I was angry with my ex-husband for not being the firm badass I needed. I didn't know it at the time but it's how it turned out. We’re divorcing now because I no longer want to live a lie. 

Being submissive is part of my DNA that I was trying to deny. I was hateful, angry, and lashed out at the world because I hated myself for not being true to myself and my desires.


i'm awesome t-shirt

How did I ryze in such a rarely-discussed aspect of life?

Well, when I met J and he helped me change myself, it opened up a door to me that I didn't know existed. He asked the right questions and helped me realize my true nature and what felt right. Being submissive feels right.

But to be clear, submissive does NOT equal ‘door-mat.’

I am just as smart, if not smarter than I was when I was being dominant. Being submissive doesn’t make me less than anyone in any way. (Just try giving me some shit and you’ll see what I mean, lol.)

I'm a very sexual person who has pushed that down deep inside for so long. The closest I've come to letting it out is through my paintings and my selfies.

And I want to help anyone else who’s similar.

The right thing to do is to be true to ourselves and set a good example. Others won’t follow their dreams if I don’t follow mine. Law of attraction. Like attracts like.


cyn after a shower

If you go to my personal Instagram  you’ll see a woman showing herself off in a tame way. Because right now, I'm not down to show my naked body. Not because I don't love my body  --I do-- but because I have respect for the man that I love. It's his body, and he gets to decide how much is shown. I like it that way.

But my selfies have been a way that I've hinted to the world who I am. It’s clear through some of the captions and photos that I’m submissive, but it's mostly my friends and my fans who see those pics. The more I post there, and the more open I am about the real me on IG, the more it tells me that I’m going the right way.

Up until this point, Instagram’s the only place I've ever been open about who I am. 

To be clear, I didn't ‘find myself.’ I was always here. I just had to remember who I was before the world got its hands on me. Before people's opinions and cultural conditioning affected my beliefs. I had a lot of beliefs to change and I did that, with J's help.

I'm a Colombian-American, raised Catholic, by a single mom, who was taught to feel guilty for feelings, thoughts, and desires. I was taught sex was dirty, wrong and private. 


Ah, privacy. 

That's the last thing that kept it all back. Even on my Instagram I've kept things back because I'm fiercely private. I know it's hard to tell, lol, but I really am. There's only one person that knows almost everything about me. I don’t trust easily. I don’t share easily.

I was raised not to tell people anything because when people know information about you they will share it with the world. 

However, I no longer care.

I’m in control of my life, my business, and my happiness.


I want you to, honest.

Please, tell everyone you know that as of December 4th, 2019, Ryze Gear will be called Ryze Kink and  our new website is RyzeKink.com. We will mainly sell sexy, flirty, kink-inspired apparel.

We'd appreciate the share.



What will happen to all the old designs and collections?

Our "Do What You Love" Collection will stay and be incorporated into the 'Ryze Sexy' Collection. The rest will no longer be available on our site.

Can't you ‘be you’ and sell all the collections?

Yes we could but without focus we can't be clear... if we're not clear on who we are and what we stand for then we can't help you! And our purpose and passion is to help you ryze! 

But you're the 'changing belief's' people....

Exactly. I had to change my beliefs to be who I really am. I have been taking baby steps for too long towards being 100% honest about who I am in my every day. I was still hiding a huge part of myself from myself and from the world. 

Are you still available for collaborations like you did with Evan Carmichael?

The collabs we've done in the past went super-well and we're happy we did them. But we've changed. And some brands and collaborators just aren't comfortable with sexuality -- which is fine, it's a wide world, and to each their own.

With that in mind though, it wouldn't surprise us if we attract a different crowd now. We aim for people who are like-minded and 'get' us and our mission.

Evan Carmichael knows us, trusts us and he let J and I decide if his collection stays. We discussed it and because we're members of #believenation and we believe in Evan's message and you. We decided to keep the Evan Carmichael collection, in a family friendly space on our site, available for you. You deserve it. 

That said, we'd love to collab with anyone who loves Ryze Kink and is cool with our high standards. If you think you could be a possible fit, lets talk about it. Because we firmly believe that #togetherweryze. 

I don’t get it, how does kinky clothes work with the law of attraction?

The law of attraction works for everything in your life. The law states that like attracts like. Whatever we focus on is what we get, good or bad.

Pleasure and sexiness are vital for you to achieve the life of your dreams. The more you do the more you get. So the more pleasure you feel, the more you get. In all areas of your life.

All feminine energies long to be sexy, desirable and luscious. You already are those things, but with sexy clothing and the law you can find what you've hidden from others and yourself for so long. 

If you wear sexy clothes you will feel sexier. When you feel sexier then you will start to have more self confidence. When you have more confidence you believe in yourself more and you're happy. And those things are the keys to unlocking your desires. 

Have a wonderful and positive day!


Cyn & J-Ryze

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