Live Every Day Like It's Your Last!

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Don’t live your life for other people and die with regrets.

This is something in my face for the last few days.

My beautiful, amazing, fabulous cousin is 38 years old and she’s about to die. Death is inevitable and it happens to everyone. We can’t avoid it. It’s coming for you, for me and for everyone we love.


So, if you know you’re going to die then what are you doing just sitting there not chasing your dreams?


Do you know that NO FUCKING DREAM is too big?


You want to own property all over the world?

You want to have the body of your dreams?

You want to build a giant empire that is bigger than Apple or Amazon?


It’s possible, IF you try. IF you do. IF you take action towards those goals every single day of your life.


Do you want to write a book? Are you writing everyday? Are you sharing your writing via a blog? Forums? IG captions? YouTube videos even?

I wrote and published a book with J-Ryze in a matter of months.I had an idea, pushed for it, took action and it’s in the world. I MADE A BOOK, Yo! LOL


You want to be a famous actress? Are you auditioning every day? Are you posting videos of yourself doing monologues? Are you making videos everyday? Are you putting yourself out there? DAILY?


Probably not. Most people are a disappointment to me. They talk a lot of fucking shit and say they want to be blah blah blah and they do less. Or worse, they put out a beautiful piece of content and then we don’t see or hear from them again for months.


Do you want to be lying on your deathbed wondering why you never even tried?


I don’t.


I’m watching this beautiful and talented human being lay in her bed full of regrets. She lived a full life but still she never did what she really wanted. She’s a talented violinist. She’s made cd’s and been all over the world performing in orchestras. But how far could she have gone if she hadn’t given it up?

She has more musical talent in her pinky than most do in their entire bodies. Yet it’s wasting away.


It didn’t have to. She could have taken action earlier in her life. She could have changed her beliefs. She could have the life she always wanted right this moment. Instead, she gave up and she’s dying.

But being here with her isn’t bringing me sadness. Yes, I’m sad one of my favorite humans will no longer walk the earth soon. I’m sad her son, will grow up without a mom but that’s just a temporary sadness. He will grow up stronger, with a better attitude about life, death and regrets. I will make sure.


He will understand that we can never push aside our dreams for one day. He will know that if you have an idea, you act on it immediately.


This writing…I meditated and when I came out of it, I was compelled to write this. I need a shower, breakfast and to work but I didn’t. I had an idea and it felt right so I dropped everything to sit down and put my thoughts down on paper. Because, when we have an inspired idea, it’s the Universe showing you what you need to do. The Universe is saying this is your path. I’ve been getting a lot of signs lately that this is indeed my path. Not just writing bullshit, but writing things to help people.  I want to help people fix their lives through fashion, our book and so many other ways. I’ve got a ton of ideas that I’m inspired to put out into the world and I will. I AM!

Being here and seeing someone I love living the rest of her days with regrets is pushing me to be happy. Not happy that she will be gone soon but happy that I have the chance to keep living and crush every goal I set.  So even if she didn’t live her life to the fullest, I will make damn sure that her son does! And so will I!! For myself, my kids and for Orian.

One of the things I always admired about her was her style! She's been a fashionista since before that was a word. 

I've had 'wardrobe dreams' for a long time. O has a closet to rival that of Kim Kardashian's! And every time I see either one I think, "god I'd love a closet like that."
I see Demi Rose Mawby strutting in bikinis and crop tops and think "I wanna strut in my skin like that." Orian always did. She loved herself, her style and wore whatever the hell she wanted! 
And here I am watching all this incredible, beautiful, human potential on her hospital bed.
And you know what she says to me? "I have a $900 FashionNova haul, it's yours if you want it."
Even as she's getting ready to leave the earth, she's supporting MY wardrobe dreams.
So, I guess what I'm saying is... don't let days and months and years go by without buying those shoes you want, or that bodysuit that's calling you.
None of us knows how long we have, life is short.
Embrace it.


Update: This post was inspired by my time taking care of and watching my beautiful cousin transition to the other side. She became an angel on August 9th, 2019 at 4am. I'm so blessed to have been there and to have watched her take her last breath. In that moment she was pain free for the first time in many years. Now, I'm even more determined to live every day like it's my last. For me. For O. 


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  • J-Ryze,
    thank You for Your kind words! I appreciate them! I’m super focused on what I want and even if I’ve not put 100% in this week, that doesn’t mean I lost my focus. In fact, it’s caused some hyper-focus where I see I can improve and where I want to improve. I intend to live my life to the fullest and make myself and my girl, O, proud.

    Cyn on
  • A beautiful post, beautifully written. May we all focus on our dreams with whatever time we have :)

    J-Ryze on

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