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defying gravity Law of Attraction

Do you believe in gravity?

It doesn't really matter does it?  Whether you believe it or not, gravity applies to you, and every other thing on the planet. You don't question what would happen if you drop a piano out of a window, do you? No, because you know it will fall and crush whatever is on the ground outside the window.

As far back as 391 BC, Greek philosopher Plato noted that “likes tend towards likes”. In other words, the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.


What Exactly Is The Law Of Attraction?

Well, it seems like magic, but actually makes so much logical sense, if one really digs into it. Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you.

Let me explain.

I never used to believe in the law of attraction.

Actually, I didn't really understand it. I thought it was more about wishing than doing anything else. I saw 'The Secret', so I knew the concept but I 'tried' it and it didn't work, so I stopped. Or so I thought. I didn't realize that I was manifesting everything I didn't want. A bad relationship, a bad body, bad health, bad art, etc. and I had no idea I was doing it to myself. I hated my life. I hated myself. I was angry at the world. I blamed everyone but myself. I never considered taking responsibility. It was 'their' fault. Why couldn't everyone just see that I was smarter and better than them? WTF was wrong with them?

Those were some pretty shitty beliefs.

My IQ is a bit higher than average, I mean I'm no J-Ryze ;), but I'm good. My entire life I was put down or made fun for my appearance and praised for my intelligence. So, I thought that if I was smarter than everyone then that made me better than them.

I was kinda right.

Learning definitely would have made me better. I love learning. But I wasn't learning the things that would make me better or that would make me successful. And because I thought I was a Goddess,  and everyone was below me, life punched me in the face, repeatedly.

Before meeting J-Ryze, I was learning bits and pieces about the LoA but I still wasn't able to actually manifest anything I wanted on purpose.

And then one day I did.

I was in a shitty marriage and I was unhappy for years. Once, when we were in a huge fight, I sat down and wrote a list of the traits I wanted in partner. But more than just writing it, I was feeling it. I remember the feeling of love, stability, and pure happiness I felt while I was writing about my 'perfect man'. I wrote:

"Let him be smart. Smarter than me. Let him be sexy, funny, caring, creative, ambitious and kinky."

There were other details in there too and I really believed and felt that I would have that partner in my life.

I let it go and a year later I met J-Ryze. I manifested him almost to perfection. He has every single quality I listed above and most of those that I wrote about in my journal that day.

After meeting J, I really started to learn more about the LoA and I realized that I had indeed manifested him, on purpose. So if I could manifest a whole person into my reality then I bet I could manifest other stuff too.

I was right. I could manifest whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I started with little things. Feathers, pennies, toys, etc and then bigger things started happening for me. I started losing weight, my hair got thicker, my skin got smoother. My wrinkles were disappearing, my body was transforming so beautifully. I was getting material things I wanted too. But only one thing stood in my way of my manifesting something bigger, me.

I had a close family member die and it threw me off. I was doing so well with my beliefs, and manifesting things into my life quickly and easily. My business was building momentum and then it all fizzled out for me. It wasn't her actual death that did anything, it was the time with my family afterwards. I'm the kind of person that absorbs other people's feelings and it can be dangerous for me if I'm not at the top of my game. I can feel their emotions and then react to them as if they were mine.

It can be an amazing gift sometimes when I'm with the right person but it can be hell if it's not. But it doesn't matter who it is, it's my fault. I know this about myself and I've learned how to distance myself from others emotions and not let it affect me. But it's difficult for me to continually do it in times of stress.

I should have listened to my gut and bounced but I didn't. I felt obligated to stay. And part of me wanted to stay because I was going back and forth with grief and happiness that she was no longer suffering.

The grief was keeping me there. The old me was peeking out and trying to pull me down again. It was working. I started to gain weight. My skin wasn't too great, my relationship was hanging on by a thread as was my business. We didn't make any sales while I was there, because I forgot that I am the creator of my world and I let the darkness in. But like most heroes, I had to go down before I could stand up and win.

I had an eye-opening phone call with J and it jump started my beliefs again. I wish it hadn't taken someone else outside of myself to do it but I'm so grateful that he cared enough about me to shake me awake.

I left my family and went back home to Brooklyn. I immediately felt better. I started watching LoA coaches on YouTube, other people's success stories and setting intentions again. I fell back into alignment, my beliefs shifted back and everything got much better. I started doing things that brought me joy, again. The more I focused on what I wanted, the more I got, again.

I changed my thoughts and started talking to myself with love again. I started to believe in myself again. And all that brought more self esteem and more self confidence. When I had that, then my body started to transform back to the way it was before her death. I felt better in my skin, my head and my everything. I had my life back on track and it felt so good!

the key to the law of attraction

The Law Of Attraction Relies On These Key Points

  • Thoughts
  • Beliefs
  • Feelings
  • Action

Let's break down each section to be as clear as possible.


Our thoughts create. You attract whatever is happening in your reality. I know you've thought about someone from your past and then they called you the next day or you ran into them at the grocery store. You attracted them with your thoughts.

Your thoughts create. They create the positive or the negative, whatever you focus on. Some people struggle with this in the beginning. They're afraid to have a negative thought because it will bring more negativity and that brings more negativity and then they're back to where they started. I know, I did it.

I had to make a conscious effort to keep my thoughts positive. I still do it, all day, every day. When I catch myself being negative, I flip it right away. Sometimes I get dramatic and I will yell "Oh hell nah, girl! Don't you dare!" and it makes me laugh. That usually brings a rush of positive thoughts to crush the one tiny negative thought that tried to get in. That negative voice is just my old self desperately trying to cling to my comfort zone. But I'm not having it. I won't let ANYONE stop me from achieving my dreams, especially myself.

I wasn't always able to yell at myself and switch my thoughts right away. I had to change my self-talk. I talk to myself all the time, like full blown conversations lol! I work alone, I have no one else in front of me and I don't want to bother J for every little thing so I talk to myself lol! Because I carry on conversations with myself often, I was quite comfortable talking to myself but what I wasn't used to, was saying nice things to myself. But I had to start somewhere. I had shitty thoughts like:

  • I suck
  • I can't do this
  • I'm not good enough
  • I'm a piece of shit
  • I'm so stupid

and I had to change those thoughts to...

  • I have tons talents and skills!
  • I can do ANYTHING!
  • I AM Enough!
  • I am amazing!
  • I can learn anything easily and quickly!

Those negative thoughts are called limiting beliefs because they limit you to what you think you can do. But like Cady Heron said in Mean Girls; "The limit does not exist!"

The only limits you have are whatever limits you tell yourself you have. Remember, your thoughts create. If you have negative thoughts all day long then you create negativity in your life. If you're having positive thoughts all day long then you create positivity into your world. Where your focus goes, energy flows. It's science!

How can you change your thoughts?

Start with affirmations. I started with "I love you". It was simple and from there it grew into more affirmations. At first, I would write them down but I found that when I look myself in the eye in the mirror and say them out loud, they're more powerful and I feel it in my soul.

Here's a few of my affirmations that helped me start to change my thinking:

  • I love you!
  • I am enough!
  • I always get what I want!
  • The universe always has my back!
  • I am successful!
  • I attract money!
  • I am worthy of achieving my goals!
  • I deserve success!

If you don't like my affirmations then you can find ones that feel right for you. Ones that you believe. If you're just saying the words and not believing them and not feeling the emotion, then it's really just you saying words.

You can use affirmations for anything you want to change your belief about. Your skin? Nails? Your relationship? Your job? Your home? Your body? Pick a topic and you can say an affirmation to change the thoughts you have about it.

One of the issues I had was with my body. I hated my body for so long. I had to find a way to love it so I could transform the way I wanted to. Affirmations helped me find that love for real. Now, I love my body. It can do amazing things. I've transformed a lot in the last year and my body has left me in awe many times with what it's capable of doing. I give it tons of love now. But it wasn't always like that.

How I Learned To Love My Body

J-Ryze once wrote this Instagram post about how our body hears what our mind says! He listed some of his body affirmations. The affirmations were so good that I wrote them down and incorporated them into my daily affirmations. They worked so well for me that we added them to our book, 'Soaring Beliefs'.

J-Ryze's Epic Body Affirmations

  • My immune system's impressive
  • My endocrine system's efficient
  • My nervous system is brilliant
  • I'm free to consume anything
  • My cells can metabolize anything
  • My body's a sophisticated chemical factory
  • It produces ANY chemical I desire, in any quantity
  • My cells are intelligent
  • I listen to my body's messages & trust them
  • My breathing is the second factor
  • My body can reverse-aging
  • It's fine & normal for my body gain muscle & lose weight simultaneously
  • Trillions of my cells are re-born all the time
  • My body easily & consistently maintains balance
  • My body's internal systems are far superior to anything external
  • My body easily creates unlimited energy for me, from the abundant oxygen around
  • Animals love their bodies, and I love mine
  • My beliefs are the main factor in my body's well-being

A belief is a thought repeated

Believe in the law of attraction


Do you know what the number one reason is why people don't manifest their dream life? Lack of belief.

Whatever your beliefs are about your body, skin, spouse, job, kids, business, life, they will all be true. You cannot ryze up and learn to use the Law of Attraction if you're still holding onto limiting beliefs from your past. They are usually there because of things we're afraid of, our past traumas, and our past mistakes. Stuff that happened in the past. Whatever is in the past should be left there, including any and all of your crappy, limiting beliefs.

The fastest way to change your beliefs is through affirmations. Affirmations with emotions behind them, repeated daily eventually turn into a belief. When you change your beliefs about your goals, body, and life, then you can begin to gain self confidence. The more beliefs you change the more self confidence you will have, in all areas of your life. That self confidence will trickle down onto your business, kids, job, spouse, etc.

Other Ways To Help Change Your Beliefs

Affirmations work wonders. But there are a few other techniques that work along with the affirmations. The more I learned about the LoA, the more I've incorporated these into my daily routine.

Scripting: Sit down with pen and paper (or the laptop if that's your thing. I have to use pen and paper) and write a story about your life based on how you want it to be. Pretend that you are writing your autobiography and you are writing the best version of your life story from this day forward.

This is what I did when I sat down and wrote all of the things I wanted in a partner. I also do this daily in my journal. I start by writing a list of 15 things that I'm grateful for every day. Then at the bottom of the page I script. I will write intentions for the day or my business, blog, shop or my family or my body, etc. Whatever I'm feeling that day. The point is that I write what I want to happen but I write it as if it's already happened. That and the emotions that I feel when I write help me manifest my intentions.

I have manifested quite a lot of things this way. One of the things I'm grateful for every day is 'Manifesting easily, quickly and effortlessly'. And it's true. The things I haven't manifested yet are because of some sort of deep block or limiting belief that I haven't addressed yet. I'm still on my journey too.

Visualization: This is basically daydreaming. But with feeling. Do you see a pattern yet?

You're doing the same thing that you would do during scripting but instead of writing it, you're imagining it. You're choosing the version of you and your life that you want and you're putting your feelings and focus in it. You're seeing it how it already is, not how you want it to be. You have to feel what it's like in that moment.

For example: One of my dreams is to have my own private plane. I hate flying commercial. I hate long lines, security, checking my bags etc but I love to travel. I want my own plane so I can go wherever I want, whenever I want. I can run my business from anywhere with Wifi, so this is important to me.

I first start with some meditation and get myself aligned with source and then I will visualize after I finish my meditation. I will close my eyes and see myself walking up to the plane. I see the name of our plane on the side. I can see myself walking up the steps and going inside. I can hear the stewardess greet me by name. I go deep into every little detail and I FEEL it.

Like I said, I have manifested some amazing stuff from visualization alone. It's fun to do and it helps keep me in alignment with my goals and dreams.

Vision Boards: The Huff Post wrote in detail about vision boards. And they said this..."Creating a sacred space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life. What we focus on expands. When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualization exercises throughout the day."

I have never used a vision board in real life. I have a vision board on Pinterest but I've never had the patience to go find magazine pictures of my dreams. I can find that online or just visualize.

That said, I have friends who use vision boards and have been super successful manifesting by using one. I am open to it. But it seems like a slower, more time consuming version of straight up visualization. Maybe I just haven't found the right method or given it a real chance? Whatever works for you to visualize the version of yourself and your life that you want, then that's fine with me. Do you, girl!

Only Do Things That Bring You Joy!

Doing the things in life that make you happy is a great way of manifesting what you desire. I do this often. The more that I do what I love, the more I manifest. It's so simple really. Lots of people think that life is meant for pain but that's not so. I don't know who started this ridiculous idea that life is pain. It's the complete opposite.

Anything that you desire or feels good doing is the universe's way of letting you know that you're doing the thing you're supposed to be doing. The joy and flow you feel when you're deep into dancing, singing, making model planes or whatever that it is that brings you pure joy is the signal that you're on the right track.

To write this blog post, I had to sit down and research other blogs and I watch a bunch of LoA videos. I spent the majority of my time writing and re-writing. Editing tiny details and deleting whole sections and then starting over again. When I finally looked up from my laptop and checked the time, it was 11pm! I thought it was at the latest 6pm!

I had accessed my higher self and my true desires. Writing to help women ryze, the law of attraction, kink, and music were all involved and I was in complete bliss. Ok, I probably spent way too long contemplating those commas, spaces and div's but I was in my flow and it felt so good!

Flow? WTF Is That?

Ah flow. It's addicting. It's like a strong drug that's good for you. It gives you what you desire and makes you happier than anything else on the planet. It's whatever you do that brings you total bliss.

What makes you happy? Do you like to paint? Draw? Fix cars? Arrange flowers? What is the thing that you love to do so much that you could literally spend hours doing it or go without food or water and not notice how uncomfortable you were for hours?

That's flow. When you're feeling your way and not thinking. It's the greatest feeling. For me, creating puts me into flow. I used to think it was just crafting and painting but I was wrong. I slip into flow any time that I'm creating and it gets more intense if I feel like I'm helping someone with my creation.


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” ― Helen Keller

Have you noticed that in almost each section that I've mentioned feelings? Emotions? That's because our feelings are our emotional guidance system. Our emotions tell us what our higher selves want to do and what's best for us. Without our emotions we cannot manifest. The most passionate emotions manifest faster like anger, jealousy, love and sex.

Wait, what? Sex Isn't an emotion, Cyn.

Yes, yes I know it's not an emotion but sex evokes some serious passion in your body. It brings out your, intensity, sensuality, and love. All positive feelings!

Passion manifests, not luke-warm or 'eh' feelings. If those add up they become a negative energy and focus. It's our passion, positive or negative, that makes things manifest.

Think about the last time you had a sensuous kiss with someone. Think about the energy that grew around you both and the tension, the build up and the thoughts that ran through your head....Oh my! I can feel it now. That's passion!

Now if you think about something you hate, I bet you could build up a quick passionate frenzy of hate for that thing right now in mere moments. Why is it so easy? Because of passion.

Passion builds quickly and intensely and it is the key to unlocking your dream life.

The negative emotions you feel will manifest what we don't want just as fast as the positive emotions can help us manifest the things we do want.

So does it make sense to be angry all the time and put out negative vibes into the world if you want to be happy, cheerful and for life to be fun? Like attracts like. If you put out negative feelings then you get negative circumstances back.

You use your emotions as a way to tell if you're going in the right direction or not. Your feelings won't lead you astray. They won't take you down the wrong path. You feel happy when you do certain things because it's what you're meant to be doing. So many people ignore the good feelings or just blow them off. They don't realize that it's their higher self trying to guide them.

follow the path the law of attraction

Inspired Action

You know the Law of Attraction states thoughts become things. You know you need to focus your thoughts on the things you want, not on the things you don’t want. However, the law of attraction requires that you also take inspired action. That means that whenever you get those feelings to listen to a certain song, or watch a certain interview on YouTube or you get the feeling to go rebrand your entire store and go all in on the LoA and Kink, you follow those feelings and do it!. The universe is laying out "breadcrumbs" for you to follow.

The Universe isn't going to tap you on the shoulder and say, 'Hey, go down the street and do x, y, and z to get your dream life'.

Nope. It would be cool af if it did though, lol!

But it does the next best thing. It inspires you.

When you get inspired to go take a dance class or to learn how to crochet or whatever you get inspired to do and you go do it. Following that breadcrumb IS inspired action! Breadcrumbs lead Hansel and Gretel out of the woods and the universe is helping you do the same thing.

Manifestation Doesn't Have To Take Long

Using the law of attraction has become second nature to me now. It happened fast. I don't like to waste time and take forever to do things. I used to tell myself a story..."Changing takes a long time" and "It's hard to change" but those were my limiting beliefs. Once I changed my story to "change happens instantly" and "change is easy", then things just started happening exactly the way I wanted, immediately.

I had to take responsibility for my thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions. Once that happened then I was able to manifest the most amazing things into my life on a daily basis. I keep doing it and I won't stop.

It's easy. If I can do it then so can You.

We believe in you.



Cyn & J-Ryze

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