J-Ryze's Origin Story

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Painful beginnings...

Ashley Collins, from the Breakup Diaries on YouTube, interviews J-Ryze. The entire interview is over an hour and I know they could have kept talking for hours. J-Ryze brings the fire when he gives interviews and honestly he brings it in every single conversation we've ever had. 

I'm so blessed to be one of the few that get a ton of his wisdom on the daily. I'm also so grateful to be the one to bring you his insight through this series. 

I broke the video down into separate videos so that you can take in all of the incredible value that J gives and process it before moving on to the next part of the interview.

J-Ryze is a creative soul.

He was a child genius that comes from a family of geniuses. He's an incredible artist but back in the day he wasn't very humble about it. He was quite judgmental towards 'simple' forms of art. In time he realized that simplicity is actually much harder than most people know. 

He admits to how wrong he was as a teenager and a young adult. He put his art out into the world and he failed each time. It was devastating for someone who genuinely thinks they're better than the celebrities that are putting out successful art. 

But life put him in his place. He ended up homeless and living on the streets for a few years. He began to believe he was meant to be on the same path as Van Gogh or H.P. Lovecraft who both died in penniless. It was soul-crushing for a genius with his intelligence and talents to end up on the streets with failed businesses, abandoned and broke.

One night when he found himself in an abandoned mall, in the middle of winter, alone, and defeated, he made a difficult decision. He decided to end his life so he wouldn't have to deal with life anymore. J has high standards and that includes how he would die. He researched the best way for him to end his life and found a drug available online. But being homeless and broke, he was unable to find a way to have it shipped to him without anyone else knowing about it. It caused him to hit rock bottom when he felt like he had failed at everything in the world even ending his life.

That failure caused him to go lay in a park. He decided to just lay there and do nothing. He spent a whole day and night laying there in the middle of a park, being hot and bored. That was a huge turning point for him and the boredom saved his life.

He got up and decided to find some AC to cool off.

He was always super productive and had never been bored a day in his life. He was taught to always grind it out and hustle constantly. But being bored for two days was the best thing that ever happened to him. He finally felt authentic. He wasn't living up to society standards, judging anyone or trying to kill himself. He was literally doing nothing.

Laying there being bored, caused a spark inside of him and it made him get up and find AC. He wasn't trying to do anything but find some AC. It felt vaguely better than doing nothing. The closest AC was the library. He enjoyed the library better than the park. It was cool inside and he started reading. But he got bored reading and decided to set up his laptop on a table to use the internet and read some discussion forums.

He found people asking all kinds of different advice about different subjects. So he just started answering their questions and offering his logical and excellent advice. He was being helpful to strangers online. They were asking about, music, breasts, models, photographers, etc and he went and spread his wisdom. Giving advice made him feel useful and they loved it. 

Because of all of his failures, he had a lot of wisdom to share with the people online that were asking for help. He started to feel useful to society. And he didn't stop. He's still giving advice, shaping beliefs, sharing his wisdom and helping people ryze.

I'm so grateful he didn't stop! Because if not, then I wouldn't be here writing this right now. I'm so glad he decided to lay in that park! #togetherweryze


Check out the video below with Ashley interviewing J-Ryze!



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  • Dr. B,
    i’m so glad that You’re feeling it. It was my pleasure!!! I hope others enjoy it too. They could learn a lot from Your story!

    cyn on
  • Wow, you really summarized my tale well here. Great blog post, Cyn, thank you! I hope others enjoy it too. <3

    J-Ryze on

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