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Did you know that every Ryze Gear design has been hand-crafted by a talented artist to make you look good? J-Ryze personally spends hours researching what designs are out there. Say he's designing a shirt for dancers one rainy evening. The glow of his laptop reflects off his glasses while he scrolls intensely through Google results. Why?

To examine as many dance shirts as he can. At least 30 minutes, on Google and often more. A lot of people would say that's more than enough for a simple shirt, but not J. He then moves on to Bing, as well as Etsy, another 30 minutes. Why? So he can find the best dance-shirt out there, and beat them. At Ryze, we believe one key to being better is knowing what's out there, and we do it with passion. Can you say that about other designers shop with?


How I make t-shirts

J-Ryze pouring love into his work


And that's just step one.

Once J has a list of contenders, then starts the brainstorming. Jotting down idea after idea of designs that may outshine the rest. He aims for word-play. Visual symbolism. Meaningful messages. Impactful expression. Conversation pieces. Attention-getters. Compliment-earners.

Don't you want that kind of heart poured into your shirts?

In our dance shirt example, he might have list-items such as: "Unicorn Poledance", "All Moves Are Created Equal", "Dance For Your _____", "Queen In Motion" and "Dream Big, Twerk Hard." Each one of these items represents a deep, creative visual to J, and each one gets time devoted to it with an artistic draft.


And he hasn't even drawn a line or pushed a pixel yet. We're getting to that. Next comes the Photoshop phase. And not just PS, he'll also break out Illustrator, coolors.co, even pen and paper may have been used.

Dexterous, precise fingers making thousands and thousands of mouse clicks, tweaking colors, proportions, texture, and spacing, all to get a roughed out sketch assembled.

And music fills the air.

J-Ryze always plays pop culture in the background to inform his work. TV, movies, or music that resonates with his intended design and message. So when sketching out the "Queen In Motion" concept, on goes Beyonce's 'Girls Run The World.' If he realizes this draft isn't up to par, he'll move on to another concept. Let's say he tries all the concepts, but none feel quite right, until he begins drafting "Dream Big, Twerk Hard". He switches the music to 'Twerk It Like Miley' by Brandon Beal, and a design starts coming to life.

The placeholder lettering he'd inserted also gets refined.

He can't just slap any old font on there. The letters have to speak. They have to sing with every line. So a typeface with proper curves is chosen. As is a typeface with the right amount of 'boldness' for dreams. Manual tweaks are made to get them to play nicely together.

And he still hasn't finalized the polished logo, graphic, or glyph yet. And that step is harder than one might think. In this case, he's creating a twerker silhouette. But... simply tracing a silhouette of a woman just ends up as kind of a mess. Try it yourself and you'll see, there's hair-strands everywhere, fingers when shrunk down are too tiny to see, and everything needs to be turned up to 11 in order to stand out on the tee.

All these considerations for one t-shirt, lol.

Anyway, the point is that @RyzeGear isn't interns barely learning their craft, pulling designs out of their behinds, like you get at most large corporate brands. Nuh-uh. Every detail of J-Ryze's research, concepts, and environment are intentionally chosen to inspire a truly compelling design.

And he throws away more drafts than he keeps, selecting only the best to be served up to wonderful people like yourself. Your clothes don't have to be disposable, replaceable throwaways. Your clothes can be meaningful, masterful pieces worth showing off, worth talking about, worth investing in.

Which is why we pour a lot of love into every design.

Better designs, better you.

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  • Aww, thanks so much, I really appreciate you sharing my process with more people! :D

    J-Ryze on
  • J-Ryze,
    I’m so glad that You let me put this on the blog and share it with people! I know it’s on the homepage but I think it’s so good, that I want it in multiple places on our site!!! It’s so well written and such a thing of beauty to see Your process. Thank You for sharing it with the world!

    Cyn on

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