It's Not About the Shoes

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"It's Not About The Shoes, It's What You Do In Them"
~Michael Jordan

MJ has a long history with Nike. He is the original King of the Shoe Deal. He signed his first contract in 1984 and never looked back. He is now a huge brand that includes shoes, clothes, bags, and gear. Nike made 2.9 Billion in 2018 from the Jordan Brand.

Shoes are important to a lot of athletes. My son is a dancer and I know how important his shoes are. We have to go to a special store and make sure that they are sized properly and he can do certain moves while wearing the shoes. He can't get on stage and find out his shoes are too loose, big or small. His shoes have to be as close to perfection as possible. And I happily pay whatever it costs so that he has those amazing shoes. 

So what happens if you have those fabulous shoes but you just put them in your closet and don't use them? 

Will anyone see them? Was it worth it to spend the money on those awesome shoes? 

Why did you buy them just to keep them locked away?

I used to do it too. 

I would buy beautiful, sexy items and I would put them in a box. I had a latex skirt, two corsets, some fishnets, a bunch of thigh high stockings and a sexy AF garter belt locked away that had never been used. The worst of all was a beautiful pair of thigh high, high heeled boots. They were still in the box. I never even took them out to try them on. 

After I met J-Ryze, I learned how to express my sexuality more and I stopped being ashamed of my body. I pulled all those items out of the closet and one by one I wore them. The last thing I wore were the boots. J challenged me to wear them outside of the house. 


He wanted me to wear them outside. I wasn't sure I could even walk in them but I did it. I put them on and went out to the convenience store a block away from my house. 

Me in the boots before I went to the store...


I wore them and it was great! I was thrilled to have worn them in public and I felt amazing wearing them. Then I got home, at the time I was painting a lot and I spent the rest of that night painting. I was so empowered by the shoes, and it helped me to express those feelings through my art.
This was before Ryze Gear so I didn't have anything good to wear with these boots ;)

Now, I would totally pair these jeans, with this sexy bodysuit, or  this one  with the boots. 

Shoes can make or break your outfit. If you're dressed in a ball gown you don't want to wear a pair of dirty flip flops because it's not going to vibe with your look. But if you throw on a pair of sexy heels, not only does it elevate your outfit but it boosts your confidence too! 

Heels always make me feel soooooo sexy and powerful! I love them. They make me feel invincible. I know I can do anything in any kind of shoes but when I slip on a pair of heels, I level up. 

I do love this MJ quote though. And I do agree with Mike that it's not about the shoes but I do think it's about how the shoes make you FEEL. 

It's all about how you feel. 

I believe in the Law of Attraction and the law says that what we feel is what we receive. So I aim to always go by how I feel.
Does that dress make me feel good? Do those pants make me feel good when I wear them? Do those shoes make me feel amazing when I slip them on my feet?

If the answer is yes then wear it! Because how you feel is the absolute most important part of life! 

Don't wear things that make you feel bad because if you do, it will trickle down to other areas of your life and you will start to feel bad about a lot of other things. Trust me, I know. I've been there. 

Your feelings are your guidance system. Follow your feelings and you won't go wrong... with your outfit, your shoes or your life. 

 So, yes, Michael Jordan is right, it's about what you do IN the shoes.
But when you feel amazing in the shoes you're wearing there is NOTHING you can't do.
So put on those shoes that make you feel super powerful and crush your goals, now! 


This post was inspired by J-Ryze's original post on Instagram. I'm a huge Michael Jordan fan! When I saw his quote with this sexy af photo that J chose, I was super inspired. So, thanks for the inspiration, J!!!


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