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This post was inspired by an old post that J-Ryze wrote and had linked in his tattoo primer post. I loved it but it needed to be updated so that's where I come in. With this post, I just cleaned up the original and I left a lot of the ideas in place because they're timeless and amazing. J is a wonderful writer and I'm honored to be able to interpret his message. Thank You J for allowing me to share Your amazing wisdom with the world!


The Basics

There are all kinds of exercises out there to help you find your life purpose, but there’s a catch — your life purpose is something that comes from INSIDE you.

So it doesn’t make much sense to expect some EXTERNAL thing to tell you. 

I know this, and I kept it in mind when I created the Fun & Pretty Life-Purpose Exercise.

In our history, tribal leaders would help the youth find their purpose.

In our current, fast-moving society, we still have leaders helping us with this, it’s just that most people don’t realize it.

Well, now I’m throwing my hat into the ring.

It’s a good sign that you’re reading this article. Most people stay away from articles like this. What percentage of people will read something clearly aimed at giving them a purpose in their lives?

Deep down, they know they should read stuff like this, but they often skip it — you didn’t — so congrats! Good for you! 

What does it feel like to know what you love to do? What does it feel like to really know it. It feels certain, it feels confident, it feels solid. It lifts away confusion, fog and fear and allows your life to flow much smoother.

Like many of the world’s most successful people, not only do you feel the awesome power of doing what you love, but you easily figure out ways to get paid for it.

You may be wondering… "Why is it so hard to find what you love?"

Answer: It’s NOT. It’s not hard at all. It’s quite easy actually.

Every human being is born with the tools to discover their purpose, at any moment.

Focus, feelings, and questions.

Most people have never really sat down, without distractions, and asked themselves the right questions or engaged their feelings. So why haven’t people done this, when they say they want to know? 
Because, they would have to make some changes. They would have to turn off all outside noise, and spend some time with themselves. They would have turn off the video games, the T.V., the texting, the surfing, etc. They would have to manage their thoughts and emotions.

You don’t need to "travel the world", you don’t need to "try different things" (although that can help — experimenting is a guaranteed way to figure it out, and it works.)

The Ryze method is inspired by a combination of valuable exercises by these guys: Jonathan Mead, Brian Kim, Tad Hargrave and Steve Pavlina. They’re brilliant and each focus on their own specific styles.

"It’s something that, at the end of the day, makes you feel like you’ve made a difference." ~Jonathan Mead, Reclaim Your Dreams.

"Your deepest wound is your truest niche." ~Tad Hargrave, Your Deepest Wound Is Your Niche.

"Your brain has absorbed all sorts of information and experiences and it has the answer ready to be unraveled." ~Brian Kim,

"If you want to discover your true purpose in life, you must first empty your mind of all the false purposes you’ve been taught". ~Steve Pavlina, How To Discover Your Life Purpose In About 20 Minutes.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned from these leaders, and refined it into 3 steps.

Step 1: List your qualities 

It’s FUN to list things you like, have, or are good at!

If I asked you right now, "What are you good at, what do you bring to the table?" Would you be able to answer smoothly and confidently?

When people ask me, I can tell them things like: "I’m a positive badass", "I’m a rockstar urban buddha", and "I’m the next-step guy."

I’ve poured significant energy into uncovering what really fulfills me.

Have you?

If you have, does it feel like you’ll succeed in way bigger ways, with a purpose you're proud of and a message to stand for?

Well, if you keep an open mind, and have a bit of discipline to focus… you can.

This exercise will help you get clear on your unique value, allow you to sound more charming and smooth when people ask you about your skills, and is the first step to finding your purpose.


Start Writing!

Grab a piece of paper and divide it into 3 columns: physical strengths, mental strengths, and spiritual strengths. This will give you a clear snapshot of what unique things you offer the world.

Here’s an example which we’ll be using for the following steps.




Step 2: Find your common thread.

Like a word-search, crossword, or a game of 'Guess Who?' – finding the common threads is FUN TOO!

For most people, their interests seem like a chaotic mish-mash of all kinds of stuff, instead of a refined mix, but they would be wrong.

The beauty of life is that it gives us each a very unique blend, and when people understand theirs properly, the whole world listens.

Eccentric, Catholic-raised, burlesque-dancer, Lady Gaga has a very unique mix of traits, that many people would dismiss at first. So does childhood cocaine-dealer turned hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z.

They couldn’t catch a break until they embraced their real talents. Who would’ve thought these people’s unique stories and skills would turn into their life’s work?

You and I have our own uniqueness as well. The trick is to find the common thread among them all.

For Gaga the common thread is ‘art-freak’: a unique blend of music, art, sex, and celebrity. For Jay-Z it’s hip-hop mogul and trendsetter.

These things all seem normal to us now, but when these people were finding their purpose, it was scary, and anything but normal. They had to find a common thread that allowed them to explore their passions, no matter what they were.

Look for patterns and trends that unite and blend your ‘mish-mash’ of qualities. Life gives them to us for a reason.













By looking at the example list, I was able to find many qualities that related to teachingcomedy/performing, and computers/the ‘net.

There were a few that reigned supreme but were general like "love" and a few that were pretty specific like "obsessed with cars and girls".

That’s fine. You want to narrow it down as much as you can to about 3 patterns, but leaving out a couple tricky ones is fine.

I used the very unique, ‘obsessed with cars and girls’ trait to really guide the entire vision, centering it on a Men’s Magazine.

The guy who had all these qualities would probably feel very confident publishing an online magazine. He has most of the tools, he has strengths in all the right areas, and it allows him to express about his ‘obsessions’ all at once.

Step 3: Polish it

Have some fun refining your purpose into something sexy.

You’ve listed your qualities and gotten clear on your unique value-blend.
You’ve found the common thread and you can tell what you’re meant to do and who you’re meant to help.

The last step is to polish it up.

You want to craft a mission statement and refine it into an a pitch.

(Note: pitches are just a way of communicating a lot of clear things about yourself and your art, in a very short time. It’s a sentence that summarizes your purpose in an appealing way. Finishing this step is really what gives you the confidence needed to live life on your own terms.)














When someone asks "what do you do?" most people stutter and mumble. "Oh, well, uh…I help people with my cooking, computers, and my music, and um… I’m really smart."

I want better for you.

You can rock it with a polished answer. One that has impact. One that gets people wanting to know more about you instead of bypassing you as ‘noise.’

You can respond "I’m DJ Food and I help caterers and concerts unite, through technology." – The polished version is punchy, effective, and peaks people's interest.

The polished version = confidence for you.

The unpolished version = awkward conversation, unclear communication and people passing on what you offer.


In our above example, I polished "I run an interactive online men’s mag from my apartment" into 3 separate, powerful pitches. You can do the same for your skills and offers.

You can even ask a friend how they would polish it and make it sexier, for an outsider's perspective.

You can ask yourself "How can I communicate this in a concise, impactful way?" and then write any answers that come to mind.

Put all the distractions aside. Use your focus, feelings, and questions to get to the heart of what matters in your life.

Now it's your turn!

Follow the 3 steps above, and share your creative pitches with us in the comments below! Maybe J will be kind enough to help you ryze them up. 


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  • D,
    i can’t wait to read his newest book! I bet it will be great! Until the world has this glorious and epic information to help them find their purpose. It’s sooooo good. I’m so honored I was able to re-write it for the blog. I learned something about myself too…so win-win ;)

    mad love…

    ~cyn on
  • I really, really, really want more people of the world to know and live their purpose. Evan Carmichael has a new book coming out in December 2019 that actually takes this post to the next level, but I’m so glad you breathed new life into this and I hope people find it <3

    J-Ryze on

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