Do You Know How to Think for Yourself?

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Epic Leaders think for themselves. Do you? 

Ashley Collins, from the Breakup Diaries on YouTube, interviews J-Ryze. The entire interview is over an hour and I know they could have kept talking for hours. J-Ryze brings the fire when he gives interviews and honestly he brings it in every single conversation we've ever had. 

I'm so blessed to be one of the few that get a ton of his wisdom on the daily. I'm also so grateful to be the one to bring you his insight through this series. 

I broke the video down into separate videos so that you can take in all of the incredible value that J gives and process it before moving on to the next part of the interview.

How did J-Ryze become so awesome?

He gets it from his dad AND his mom. He's a unique combination of both of his parents. He's not mechanically inclined like his dad, but he's able to diagnose problems & offer solutions like he can. He's also nurturing, caring and can read people easily, like his mom. Because of this combo, J can usually find a solution to any problem.

And if he can't directly help, then he will help you get closer to the solution by finding out information and teaching it to you. There's no problem he can't help you with.

Just because he has all the answers doesn't mean he has to solve all the problems in the world. 


Because that's not his mission. He's not here to solve everyone's problems. And he wants you to think for yourself! He doesn't want to be depended on to tell you everything. He's not a babysitter. Real leaders think for themselves. They're not sheeple!

Epic leaders don't just agree with everything that everyone tells them. They find out the proper data to make their own decision.

He's happy to help you if you're an epic leader but he expects you to think for yourself. 

Don't rely on him or anyone for the answers.  


Your turn...

Do you dive deep when someone gives you an opinion to find out if it's valid? Or do you just take everyone at their face value?

I hope not. Think for yourself, this world has enough followers, be a leader. 

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.  

Check out the third video of our series with Ashley interviewing J-Ryze!


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