Face Conflict with Zero Guilt

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You shouldn't feel guilty about idiots. 

Ashley Collins, from the Breakup Diaries on YouTube, interviews J-Ryze. The entire interview is over an hour and I know they could have kept talking for hours. J-Ryze brings the fire when he gives interviews and honestly he brings it in every single conversation we've ever had. 

I'm so blessed to be one of the few that get a ton of his wisdom on the daily. I'm also so grateful to be the one to bring you his insight through this series. 

I broke the video down into separate videos so that you can take in all of the incredible value that J gives and process it before moving on to the next part of the interview.

J-Ryze doesn't avoid conflict.  

He believes there's a diplomatic, no conflict solution to every issue. He's edgy, sharp, blunt and direct with the truth. He understands that real leaders are open and receptive.

Sometimes he will give you the truth right across your face. That can smart sometimes but it's done with love. His intention isn't to hurt or harm the person but for them to wake up to the truth. He doesn't want people to stay asleep in the Matrix. He wants to help you wake up!

He's doing the right thing. 

He wants to help people Ryze. No matter the business you're in, what you're hating in your life, he still wants to and CAN help you Ryze. Everyone and anyone. It doesn't matter what the problem is, he will crush it. He's giving them the truth, he's offering to help them and he's pouring his heart out to help. But if they're not open to the help...

He will bounce. 

Ashley asks him if he feels guilty for it. And he is almost surprised she asks. Because he feels zero guilt if he walks away from people who are too close-minded to accept his wisdom. If you're too dumb to take his advice and choose to walk away, he feels no guilt. Why should he? What he's offering is next level, epic advice, I can say this first hand, and only an idiot would walk away. Only an idiot wouldn't take his advice. So he feels no guilt for idiots and neither should you. 

Your turn...

Do you avoid conflict? Why?

Do you feel guilty for walking away from close-minded people?

Please share with us in the comments.  

Check out the fourth video of our series with Ashley interviewing J-Ryze!


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