5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Ryze Gear

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I started this blog because I love fashion and Ryze Gear. But there's a deeper reason too. The real reason was because J-Ryze & I really want to help people. That's the bottom line to all we do. We want people to be better, be happier, and look good. We believe that we can help people ryze their style, which will in turn make them better and happier.

It's kind of a big thing I'm taking on, but I decided that I would do this because it's how I changed my life. I learned how to be happy and it really started with two things....my beliefs and my style.

So, why should you be wearing our designs instead of Walmart's, Target's or some other crooked, handmade tee you found on Etsy?

 Here's 5 reasons.

1. Because we believe in you. We may not even know you very well but we know that you can do anything you want. We believe that you're worthy. We believe you're enough for whatever it is you want in this life. We believe that you can create the life of your dreams, IF you're willing to step up. Do the work and wear the shirt.

I'm not kidding. One of our shirts can easily help you to remember to believe in yourself. Especially with our Evan Carmichael Collection , or our affirmation tees, such as our 'I am Enough' or our 'I am Awesome'  tees. But, even if you don't get any of those shirts, we encourage you to chase your dreams. No matter what they are, even if those dreams are to win a game of League of Legends or to twerk your way to happiness. 


2. Because our designs are superior. I challenge you to find a design online that could compete with ours. Go ahead...I'll wait.

How do I know?

Because J-Ryze will research for at least an hour (sometimes more) before even one single line is drawn. We put an EPIC amount of research, time and LOVE into every design we make!  Check out our video version of J's epic design process. 


3. Because we know you deserve beautiful, well made designs on quality apparel. You deserve the very best in this life. But you know that already don't you?
Of course you do!
You already know that whatever touches your skin should be nothing but the best and that's exactly what we are, the best. Our shirts and hoodies are made from 100% cotton, are super comfy, soft and feel sooooo good right up against your skin. For now, we use a 3rd-party supplier for our fabric, but with your help and support, we'd love to one day make the softest-feeling, longest-lasting clothes out there.


4. Because we are unique and excellent. Our designs aren't just well designed,  they are unique. I'm an artist and having things that most people don't have is a huge deal for me. It's the main reason I wanted to run Ryze Gear! RG is so different from anything else out there. We have a lot of designs and I genuinely love them all. I'm my own super fan lol I love myself and I love Ryze Gear's unique designs. I get compliments on all of my RG clothes and I rarely get complimented on my non RG clothing. 

You can watch here as I tell the story of how I got stopped by truck drivers who loved my Boob$ !


5. Because we want to help you. We want to help you have better clothes in your closet and on your body. That will make you happy and that will make us happy. It's win - win!  

We're not just selling clothes.

Our mission statement is: Better designs. Better gear. Better you. 

We want to change the world and that started with us. We both had to change to be better to get to where we are today. J-Ryze changed first and then after years of learning and getting awesome, he met me. When we met he helped me change. I mean, I'm still learning and growing and sometimes I feel like a foal right after birth when they're trying to walk. And sometimes I feel like Carrie Bradshaw running flawlessly down Broadway in Manolo Blahnik's. 

The point is that we want to help you. We want to help make you happy. We put a ton of love into every single thing we do for Ryze Gear, including this blog post. It's late and I should be sleeping but I can't stop until I finish. It's just the way I think it should be so it can help you. Even if we only ever help just one person, it will be way worth it to me. 

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  • J-Ryze,
    i loved writing this! thank You! i’’m so glad You like the post and feel the love! <3

    Cyn on
  • There’s so much love in this, beautiful post. And all true :) Thanks for this!

    J-Ryze on

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