5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Clothes Looking New

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You care about looking good, so why does it sometimes seem like your clothing doesn't?

Let's take black clothing, for example. 

Ryze Gear sells a lot of black t-shirts and bodysuits. But one of the biggest complaints I've heard from people who wear lots of dark colors is that they fade so quickly in the wash.

But this doesn't have to be a problem for you, if you're one who enjoys wearing a lot of black.

I wear black clothes most of the time and a lot of my wardrobe is made up of Ryze Gear t-shirts. But if you look at my clothes, they all look brand new and none of them are faded. I even have shirts from 2011 that look brand new.

So what do I do to keep my clothes from fading and going dark to dingy? 

1. I wash all my clothes in cold water. Cold water washes the same as hot or warm and is easier on your clothing. It's also better for your washer, the environment and your wallet. 

2. I turn my t-shirts inside-out so that the design doesn't rub up against other items in the wash. This small trick will make the beautiful designs that J-Ryze has made last much longer than if you carelessly throw your tees in the wash design side out.

3. I wash all my dark t-shirts and bodysuits together. I don't mix in other items like jeans, panties or socks with my tees or bodysuits.

4. I wash all my t-shirts and bodysuits on the gentle cycle. This helps to save the life of your clothing and you really should be washing the things you love the most on gentle, like lingerie, tank tops and leggings too. 

5. I don't put clothes in the dryer. This is the best thing I ever started doing for my clothes. Not only does it save my clothes from shrinking and fading but it also saves me some money by not using my dryer for my clothes. I use it for towels, underpants, sheets, etc. But my clothes stay looking new and fresh because they never see the dryer. The clothes that I do dry, pj's, socks, etc, have faded and/or have holes in them from the roughness of the dryer. 

Hopefully you understand that I really care for my clothes, and in return, they take care of me. The same can work for you, if you work it. 

And hey, if you need some black bodysuits to practice on, you can buy one in your Zodiac Sign, here

P.S. Check out the video I made about how I care for my clothes and my t-shirts so you can see the comparison of a new Ryze Gear t-shirt and a shirt I've had since 2011. Both are the same shade of black and both look brand new. 

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5 Maneras faciles para mantener su ropa luciendo como nueva

Usted quisiera lucir siempre muy bien. Por que algunas veces su ropa parece que no quiere? Tomemos la ropa negra como ejemplo: Ryze Gear vende muchas camisetas y bodysuits negras.

De las quejas mas comunes que hemos oido de los clients que usan mucha ropa de colores oscuros es que se descolorizan muy rapido al lavarse. Pero esto no debe ser un problema para usted, si es alguien que le gusta usar mucha ropa negra.

Yo siempre uso ropa negra y mucho de mi ropero es hecho de Ryze Gear T-shirts Si usted ve mis prendas, todas lucen como nuevas y ninguna esta descolorida.

Yo tengo camisetas desde 2011 que lucen totalmente nuevas.

Como hago para mantener mi ropa sin destenirse?

1. Yo lavo mi ropa en agua fria. El agua fria lava la ropa igualmente que el agua caliente o tibia Y es mejor para su ropa. Tambien para su lavadora, el medio ambiente y su billetera.

2. Volteo mis camisetas al reves. Asi el diseno no roza contra otras prendas en la lavadora. Ese pequeno truco hace que los lindos disenos hechos por J-Ryze duren lindos mucho mas tiempo que si los tiras en la lavadora sin cuidar que sus prendas esten al reves.

3. Lavo mis camisetas y bodysuits juntas pero separadas de otras prendas como jeans, ropa interior, y medias.

4. Lavo mis camisetas y bodysuits en el ciclo delicado de la lavadora. Asi mis prendas duran lindas mucho mas tiempo .Tambien en el ciclo delicado lavo mis prendas mas queridas como la ropa interior y mis leggins.

5. No seco mi ropa en la secadora. Eso es lo major que he hecho por mi ropa. Mi ropa no Se destine ni encoje y tambien ahorro dinero no usando la secadora. La secadora la uso para las toallas y la ropa de cama. Mis prendas siempre lucen nuevas y frescas porque jamas ven la secadora. Mis prendas que tiro en la secadora como mis piyamas, medias, etc estan descoloridas y con rotos por el maltrato de la secadora.

Tengo la esperanza de que usted me entienda que si cuido bien mi ropa, mi ropa me cuida a mi Tambien. Lo mismo puede trabajar para usted, si usted hace tambien su trabajo. 

Si usted necesita bodysuits para practicar puede comprar en su signo del zodiaco aqui.

Chequea el video de como yo cuido mi ropa y mis camisetas (pero estoy hablando Ingles en el video). Asi puede ver la diferencia de una prenda nueva Ryze Gear y una que tengo desde 2011. Las dos estan iguales de negras y las dos lucen como nuevas.

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  • I’m glad that You learned something. So this is why you need a laundry girl to do it for You so Your clothes last longer ;)

    Cyn on
  • Yay! Our first official blog post! Thanks so much Cyn, me, Ryze Gear, and wearers-of-black-clothes everywhere appreciate you :)

    And I actually learned something myself here, I was always taught to put my clothes in the washer/dryer, but I’d gladly hang dry in order to maintain their quality. It’s common sense I guess, but I never did it :)

    J-Ryze on

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